Monday, May 28, 2007

Annotation #12

Ban to alter life as smokers know it; Gov. Pawlenty is set to sign the bill that bans indoor smoking, including all restaurants and bars
Star Tribune Minneapolis, MN; May 13, 2007
Mark Brunswick and Pat Doyle
The Minnesota legislature approved a ban on indoor smoking that included all bars and restaurants. This ban is expected to change everyday life across Minnesota. Some restaurant owners believe that the government should not be controlling how they work their business, and how their customers go about their lives. Some people believe that the smoking ban is a violation of personal choice and people's rights. Many people pushed hard for the bill to ban indoor smoking to be passed. Many bar and restaurant owners are on-the-fence about this issue. Many have concerns about lost business. Others feel that the ban is a good thing for their customers, and that their income has not changed at all drastically. Still, some restaurant and bar owners who do allow smoking in their business feel that if you do not want to be in a smoking environment, do not come to their business.

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