Monday, May 28, 2007

Annotation #11

No Longer Tres Chic, Smoking Loses Favor in France
New York Times
Elaine Sciolino
A ban on smoking has been established in public areas in France. Many smokers and bar and restaurant owners feel that the smoking ban had caused them to lose their rights as an individual. Even still, almost 80% of France supports a smoking ban in public places. The other 20% are smokers. 70,000 people die in France every year due to smoking and secondhand smoke. Some restaurants are supporting the ban, saying that smoke is a problem for their employees and clients. There has also been some opposition towards the ban throughout Europe. Many French businessman feel that the ban will change their businesses and decline their profits, and are planning on asking the government for reimbursement. Restaurant owners have heard that there can be up to a 25-30% drop in sales after a ban. However, some supporters of the ban would like to take the ban on smoking to the next level.

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