Sunday, May 6, 2007

Annotation #4

Secondhand Smoke Debate 'Over'
Liz Szabo
USA Today
A report from the U.S. surgeon general says that non-smoking sections and good ventilation systems do not help. He says that secondhand smoke is a health hazard and smoking bans are the only way to protect non-smokers. Even though many states and cities have smoke-free laws, there are still many Americans that are exposed to secondhand smoke. The surgeon general also said that nonsmokers who are around secondhand smoke increase their risk for heart disease and cancer. His report also said that many children are exposed to secondhand smoke in their homes. The surgeon general claimed that smoke-free laws to do not hurt business for bars and restaurants. Tobacco companies disagree, but the truth is that bartenders, waiters and waitresses are exposed to high levels of secondhand smoke and are at a high risk for certain diseases.

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