Sunday, May 6, 2007

Annotation #3

Activists Continue Smoke-Free Push
Reno Gazette-Journal
Martin Griffith
More than half of Americans live in a city or state with laws that require workplaces, restaurants or bars to be smoke-free. It is becoming more and more common. It is believed that the Surgeon General's report is fueling the push against public smoking. His report said that even a few minutes of inhaling another person's smoke harms nonsmokers. It is proven that separate smoking sections are not offering enough protection for nonsmokers. Even the biggest tobbaco states are now considering smoking bans. However, not everyone smiles upon the idea of smoking bans. Some business owners believe that smoking bans would cause them to lose customers and profits. Some other people say that a smoking ban is unconstitutional. Supporters back up those oppositions by saying that from what they have read, smokers keep going to bars and restaurants even after smoking is banned. This means that businesses would not lose very much business due to a smoking ban.

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